Washington Apple Pi

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Telecommunications Mothership

Washington Apple Pi's telecommunications complex (for the past couple years) is centered around an AppleShare 3.0 file server running variously on a Macintosh IIfx (out of picture to the right), a Quadra 700 (on the left), an SE/30 (out of picture to the right, or maybe the left, or maybe up) and a PowerBook 140 (around somewhere), depending on the current set of bizarre circumstances. The bright light you see in the center of the picture is the forthcoming arrival of a Rhapsody-based 1000 MHz PowerPC server. A combination of technology that hasn't been invented yet and the installation of lead shielding has delayed the public premiere of these technologies.

(Photo Copyright 1997 by Jon C. Thomason; taken with an Apple QuickTake 150 camera)


June 28, 1997 lic