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Tower of Pi

Like a Biblical ziggurat, this cardboard edifice, along with this and that, does much to explain what Washington Apple Pi is all about. (And don't be fooled by the logo on the boxes; we'd be just as happy to see some Power Computing, SuperMac, Daystar, Motorola or other logos on carboard boxes, but only if the boxes are filled with PowerPC-based systems and peripherals.)

After emptying the boxes of the original contents, they were placed on the curb filled with surplus Pentium computers. A few days later, this effort to get rid of unwanted machines was stopped; people were placing additional Pentiums in the boxes, rather than being fooled into thinking the boxes contained Macs. Drat.

(Photo Copyright 1997 by Jon C. Thomason; taken with an Apple QuickTake 150 camera)


June 28, 1997 lic