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Apple /// Internet FAQ-2

Yet, if you poll users that have Internet access in their homes (using modems) you'll find that most users end up getting frustrated by the long delays endemic in bringing down these graphics-rich pages, even if they have the latest three-letter computer. Most users I've worked with quickly end up disabling graphics most of the time to keep performance up as they access the World Wide Web.

Other than the Web, most other Internet services are text based, and as mentioned above, even the Web seems to be most useful with graphics turned off, at least when using slower modem connections! So, what's all the hoopla? Apple ///'s do a terrific job with text-based applications.
Who needs Mosaic?!

3) What Host Should I Use?

Even though we've dismissed Mosaic and graphics, the Apple /// still is missing a few pieces of critical software. The most important is the lack of a TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) suite for SOS. TCP/IP is the underlying set of protocols that Internet services, including electronic mail, the World Wide Web, and other services are based on. Internet hosts (and alas, those three-letter computers) speak TCP/IP to each other.

Yet, if you use the Apple /// as an intelligent terminal and dial up an Internet host, the lack of TCP/IP no longer is a problem. The /// has full access to the Internet using the host as an intermediary.

The world's most popular Internet hosts are still Unix computer systems. Unix systems have traditionally integrated well into the Internet, and plenty of text-based Internet software is available on these hosts to enable your Apple /// to become a powerful Internet surfer. Other types of hosts running other operating systems may have similar capabilities, if you use a non-Unix system to gain access to the Internet it's best to check with the system management staff to find out which text-based Internet applications are supported.

4) What Kinds of Internet Services Can I Access through a Unix Host on my ///?

On a typical Unix Internet host, you'll find the following tools:

A) Electronic mail. The elm and pine programs are very popular. They are text-based programs and work well with Apple Access /// in ANSI emulation (see below.)

B) File transfer. For transferring files from other Internet hosts (including the popular names.wvu.edu Apple /// site) the ftp program is a staple. It has a cousin that is a bit more friendly to use, nc ftp. Both are text-based and work under any Apple /// communications program.

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