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Apple /// Internet FAQ-3

C) World Wide Web. Sorry, you cannot run Mosaic through the Apple ///. However, the lynx program can handle any World Wide Web page, is text- based, and is very fast. Suggest using lynx under Access /// in ANSI emulation mode. Sometimes lynx will display a garbled screen: press Control-L to ask lynx to erase and re-display it.

D) The Usenet. Several text-based Usenet readers are available. The author's favorite is nn, short for "No News is good news." Other alternatives include tin, rn, and trn. Each has a slightly different user interface. nn is Apple /// friendly and works well under Access ///.

5) How Much Should It Cost?

In most areas of the United States Internet host access is available for under $20.00 a month. Similar service for similar prices can be found in most places in the world. Normally called "shell" access, an Internet provider generates an account for you on their host(s). Then, using the Apple ///, a modem, and a communications program such as Access /// or The Communications Manager, you call into their host and begin using the programs above in any combination to explore the Internet. In some areas popular systems known as FreeNets are available. These offer free, text-based access to the Internet and generally have the same capabilities as any other Internet host.

While you are connected to the host, the normal Apple /// abilities of capturing or printing information, switching programs, and the
extraordinarily comfortable keyboard of the /// are available to you. However, most of the actual work of bringing Internet information to you is being off-loaded to the host system.

6) How do I transfer information from the Internet to my ///?

The Internet host system acts as an intermediary. When you access files from other Internet systems, you will still need to download the files to your Apple ///'s diskette drives, ProFile, or hard disk. Unfortunately, one of the best communications programs for the Apple /// (Access ///) lacks the ability to download anything except simple text files. It may be necessary to switch to another communications program such as Xmodem /// when file downloads are necessary.

The author prefers to use Access /// most of the time. After gathering a number of files that need to be downloaded, the author will disconnect from his Internet host, switch to Xmodem /// using BOS, and begin a downloading frenzy after re-connecting to his Internet host. When the files are all safely on the ProFile, it's time to return to Access ///.

Most hosts support Xmodem downloading and uploading capability. Often the sx and rx commands handle sending and receiving files via Xmodem, respectively. If not, check with the system managers for the correct command.

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