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Apple /// Internet FAQ-3

7) What Access /// and Host terminal Settings Should I Use?

The author uses the following Access ///, modem, and host terminal settings when surfing the Internet:

Access ///:
Set ANSI mode, Do NOT send LF after CR, 8 bits per character, Enable
XON/XOFF, Normal Video, Full Duplex, Normal Keypad, Normal Cursor Keys,
No wraparound, Standard character set, Speed 9600, Parity None

Modem (I use a USR Sportster V.32 14.4Kbps modem)
AT &H2 &I2

The above command string should not be used with Xmodem ///. It is
only useful with Access /// to ensure that the modem does not
get too far ahead of the Apple ///. It prevents garbled screens
and dropped characters.

Internet host
Terminal type is set to vt100. On hosts that don't prompt for
a terminal type, vt100 is usually the default.

8) Why use the /// for Internet access?

The /// makes an excellent smart terminal for Internet host access and maintenance. The author uses his /// to help maintain the oak.oakland.edu archive site. Since an extensive amount of information needs to be typed in to maintain a large Internet system such as oak.oakland.edu, the ///'s excellent keyboard is a perfect match for massive typing sessions. In addition, the ///'s terminal emulation is adequate to the task of handling electronic mail and other text-based Internet applications.

9) Where Can I Get Access /// or The Communications Manager?

Access /// is available at minimum cost from Washington Apple Pi, 12022 Parklawn Dr.; Rockville, MD. 20852. Its phone number is: (301)-984-0300. The Communications Manager (which has XModem protocol) is available from On Three: Write to: Joe Consorti Apple /// Products, 6303 Green Garden Drive, Bakersfield, California 93313. Telephone is: 1-805-397-6118.

10) Close: Surfin' with the ///

Using the tools mentioned above, Internet access via the /// is both viable and enjoyable. The lack of graphics seldom is a barrier. The /// and its communications software is definitely equal to the task of accessing an Internet host to "surf the Internet", so if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go!

-- Jeff Marraccini
Network Projects Manager
Oakland University

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