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Apple /// Data Communications FAQ

By: Al Bloom, Harry Baya and John Lomartire
Some Editing and additional comments by: Dave Ottalini

The Apple /// may be an orphan, but it remains an excellent general-purpose computer that can be useful in any number of ways. One of them is communications. With a low-cost modem and communications software (available from the WAP /// SIG PD Library) you can dial up any number of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes), including the best one - the WAP TCS, most On-line services, even send e-mail and retrieve information over the Internet.

But how do you do it? That the reason behind this article - which began its life a number of years ago as a tutorial designed to provide SARAsaurs with some basic information about data communications on an Apple ///.

It is the product of what could be considered some of the best and brightest data communicators on CompuServe's MAUG (A3 Forum). The base document was prepared by Al Bloom and Harry Baya. It was updated and edited a bit this past summer by Al Bloom and Dave Ottalini.

This document is organized by sections. Section 1 deals with hardware, Section 2 deals with system software, Section 3 deals with applications software, Section 4 has general tips on using CompuServe, Section 5 deals with data file transfer, and Section 6 is a list of vendors. Those sections are further divided as follows:

1.0Data Communications Hardware
1.3Interface Cards
2.0Data Communications Setup
3.0Data Communications Programs
3.1Access ///
3.2The Communications Manager
3.3EasyTerm ///
3.4Kermit ///
3.6XModem ///
4.0CompuServe Tips and Techniques
5.0Data File Transfer

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