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high-speed memory buffer and not actually do the relatively slow write to disk until you've logged off. After the CIS meter has stopped running.

After you've logged off CIS, you can load your log file into any handy text editor (I use Apple Writer) and read the traffic at your leisure. You may also type up responses at your leisure, saved as individual files. When you type up your message files, remember to end each line with a RETURN. CIS chokes on the page-long "lines" that Apple Writer permits. I use the "visible carriage return display" feature of Apple Writer (Numeric-pad 4, then press "G") to ensure that I've ended each line with the necessary RETURN. Keep your file size less than 2K (four blocks) for a forum message.

The next time you log on to CIS, you can answer your mail by transmitting the response files you previously typed at leisure. With the "/EXIT to terminate" editor, you can send files with no (zero, zilch, nada) character and line delays. Just remember who you're sending the stuff to.

Easiest is answering forum messages. Just type RE at the menu and enter the message number to which you are REsponding. At the prompt escape to your file transmission function (Openapple-S in Access ///, followed by arrowing to TRANSMIT A FILE on the menu), send the file, escape back to "terminal" mode, and type "/EXIT" to finish the upload. I have best luck by pressing RETURN a couple times before typing the "/EXIT" to clear any garbage. Then POST your message. I usually type "POST UNF" to post the message as I typed it with the same line lengths and tabs and paragraph breaks (UNFormatted).

If you are sending an original message, or if the message you're REsponding to has fallen into the bit bucket, you need to do more. First you need to know both the name and ID of the person you're sending to. Choose COMPOSE from the message menu. Then upload your file as above. Then you get to SEND TO someone. If writing Dave Ottalini, the SEND TO would be "David Ottalini 72457,2401" with name and a blank or two and ID number. Then you get to type a terse subject. Then you get to choose a "section" of MAUG -- number "13" for Apple ///.

If you are sending a message, please do not ever start a line with a "." or a "/" character. The former will upload and read fine, but it screws up folk who record the messages for later reading in Apple Writer. AW thinks any line that starts with a "." is a comment, and it won't print that line. The "/" will screw you up. CompuServe thinks any line that starts with a "/" is a command. Your message will be interrupted with UNRECOGNIZED COMMAND, and things will get worse from there.

If you send a message with XModem protocol, please ensure that each line is ended with both a carriage return and a line feed. In Apple Writer, print the message to disk with CR = 1. Otherwise, it will look like everything is on a single line. Very compact, but not very readable. Kermit does not have that problem. Kermit "text transfer" knows about lines.

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