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For generality, you will usually want to transfer text files in the Ascifile format that any program can read. This goes for Apple /// word processors, too. Neither AppleWriter nor Word Juggler can read a Pascal text file. But Pascal can read ascifiles as well as its own textfiles, so you lose nothing -- and gain a lot -- by using the ascifile format.

You don't have to convert a Pascal text file before "straight text" transmission via ACCESS /// or Kermit ///. Both automatically convert from textfile to ascifile format before sending. Other programs do the same thing in "straight text" mode. However, an XModem transfer will send the file in textfile format, which may or may not be desirable -- probably not.

To convert a Pascal text file to an ascifile, load it into the Pascal editor and change its file type to Ascii file -- the Pascal Editor's S)et E)nvironment A)scii T)rue -- and then save the file. The converted file can be read by an Apple /// program or even by an IBM-type machine. File sizes are measured in blocks. Each block is 512 bytes. This explains why the number of blocks in a file decreases by 2 when you convert it from a "Textfile" to an "Asciifile".

I realize that this is a little confusing and that this is not a thorough exposition of this area. The hope is that this will give you enough clues to figure out what to do, or what to ask.

6.0 Vendors

ON THREE: Orders to Joe Consorti; Apple /// Products, 6303 Green Garden Drive, Bakersfield, California 93313; 1-805-397-6118. The boss, Bob Consorti, is on MAUG (A2/A3 Forum)(GO APPUSER) at 75056,2110 (Internet:
75300.1543@COMPUSERVE.COM. His address and phone number are: 179-B Kent St. Brookline, MA. 021478; (617)-731-0662 ]

SUN REMARKETING: PO Box 4059, Logan UT 84321. Phone 800-821-3221 for orders, or call 801-755-3360 for questions. Technical support costs $2.00 per minute. Call: 1-900-Sun-SRVC. , or if you have a Mac or PC and access to the Internet, their Web Page is at: http://www.sunrem.com/. E-mail to: sales@sunrem.com

WAP (Washington Apple Pi): 12022 Parklawn Drive; Rockville, MD. 20852; (301)-984-0300 Serves members and non-members. 250+ A3 PD disks. Non- member disk prices are higher. Dues $39.00 per year. TCS (expanded BBS) is extra for email and Internet. Dave Ottalini co-chairs the Apple /// Special Interest Group. He is "72457,2401" on CompuServe or
72457.2401@Compuserve.Com via e-mail. On the WAP TCS its:

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