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and have full-screen capability. It can NOT do uploads or downloads, tho you can probably use the same trick as mentioned above with Access /// interp and TCM. At WAP's $1.50, it is cheap.

3.6 XModem ///

Gary Kato's XModem /// was developed as a commercial program in competition with The Communications Manager. It is similar to TCM. Gary released XM3 to the public domain in 1989. WAP has a bootable execution disk for the program that includes the documentation on a disk file. This is a "best buy."

4.0 CompuServe Tips and Techniques

If your data comm program has the ability to set tabs (Access /// and The Communications Manager do) set them before doing anything else. They don't have to be set to anything special, but they do have to be set. Otherwise, you will see some very strange output from CIS when you "record" or "download" stuff.

If you have Access ///, you should tell CIS -- in your user profiles -- that you are using a VT-100 terminal. That's ANSI mode on your Access /// setup menu. That gives you some nice screen formatting that dumb ASCII terminals (VT-52 option) can't use. If you change from Access /// to the Communications Manager, also tell CIS that you no longer have a VT-100. TCM emulates a dumb VT-52 terminal. The special VT-100 control sequences show up on a TCM screen as garbage. Some very bright and knowledgeable people have been tripped up on that one. It's no longer fun to watch messages about "How come my screen has gone to the nether world?" from new TCM owners. I suspect ON THREE's Bob Consorti is even more tired of that question than I am.

CIS has two kinds of editor. One is active in the main sections, and it is joined by a lesser one in the forums. The default forum editor had been the lesser, but I'm not sure that is currently the case. In any event you want the one that tells you to enter your text and type "/EXIT" when you're done. The lesser editor is bunches lesser. It is slow. If you transmit a file, instead of actually typing a response, it'll lose whole lines if you don't set your comm program's "character" and "line" delays way high. If you enter a blank line, say between paragraphs, it assumes your message has ended. If you don't see the "/EXIT when you're through" message, change the editor in your forum user profile (I think EDIT is the magic word, and SED is the bummer).

Never read or answer CompuServe messages while you're on line unless someone else is paying for the connect time. That is why CIS is often abbreviated CI$. Record your session to a disk file (Don't record to a diskette. It'll hang you up) and flip through the screens as fast as you can. One joy of Access /// Interpreter Version (WAP disk 3TEL-02) is that you can set your recording file's "buffer" quite large. You can capture a whole session in the

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